Here you see an expo unit inspired by the natural ganite rock formations pictured below. The entire unit is build  in fragments you can take apart and easily transport. Some of the "rocks" are missing and replaced by semi transparent glass, so that light can enter the only room. The whole unit is given a rusted copper effect to make it more devined and luxurious looking.


This is a container I designed using SketchUp and vray. I didn't want to focus on the roughness of a container like i did before. That's why this container has a modern but warm feeling. It's warm because of the colours and materials, definitely not becauce of it shapes. Also, all of the interieur and exterieur can be fit inside of the container and taken elsewhere.


Existing of boxes mainly, here is a unique young and fresh booth you've probably never seen anywhere before. I designed this booth at my internship at SchoonemanDesign. The briefing was simple; young, unique and like nowhere else seen before. The client also made a moodboard I didn't quite stick to, but I knew that they wouldn't mind me thinking a little out of the box. So here is the final design! Blue because of the client's logo, compressed wood for uniqueness, iron box shaped skeletons because iron was in the moodboard, boxes that light up for ambiance and the little extra 'umpff' and finally plants for a fresh effect. There is also a LED screen present as well as a corner to speak with people. And don't worry about storage space at the bar area, some boxes there are able to open so that you can store your glasses and sodas.


The briefing from my school: "Make a stand.

Ohh and these things need to be present", my teacher named a few things and said: "Good luck!"


I wanted to make something special, something different, something unique...


The theme of the whole project was poetry, and when I think of poetry it isn't rugged. It's free, light and organic.


The stand is meant to be at a station (or any other public space). To make kids curious for poetry.

This design comes with a number of functions: a place where people can wait (standing), a place where kids can play, a place where you can write or eat,

a place where you can trade books, a place where a poet can write poems and give to childern (and a place for a proper waiting line) and space where a piece of art can be exhibited.

This is the way the layers are attached: small holes in every layer on both sides, with a cilinder in between. I'ts easy to take apart, travel with and and build up again.